Clinical waste disposal needs to be regulated as it has potential of causing infection and injury. This type of waste is comprised of discarded sharps, materials containing blood and human tissue. In addition, cytotoxic, chemical, pharmaceutical and radioactive litter also needs to be disposed of properly to avoid public offence.

The major sources are the research centers, laboratories and hospitals. The investigation of various drugs on humans and animals creates this garbage, which needs proper disposal. To avoid the risk of infection, certain rules and regulations need to be in place.

The countries are facing a big challenge as the activity of scientific garbage is increasing but it is still seen that developing countries are not very conscious of the dangers. It is important, therefore, to educate people over there, and make them aware of the consequences of the wrong disposing off, of these types of litter.

The use of plastic has increased enormously and this has resulted in unhealthy environment; as this plastic is burned for getting rid of it. The ash is harmful, especially for those people, who are rag pickers. It is advised that alternate technology should be used to avoid this sort of litter.

The management of clinical trash disposal and the planning has to be regulated based on the type, for example in the case of dangerous and radioactive scientific related litter must be cleaned out into allocated isolated areas, which need to have an appropriate handling and treatment.

The cytotoxic and chemical litter can be very dangerous, if not handled properly. The use of formaldehyde in various procedures such as autopsy and embalming could be a great health risk, therefore special instructions for disposal should be displayed to minimize the errors in handling this type of waste.

It is necessary that for good management, all trash should be considered as a risk for health. The clinical waste disposal methods need to be appropriate to give confidence to those workers, who handle them all the time. This will help to reduce the risk of infection and illness.

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